Eco-Minded Photography

solar-panelsCouples who make a significant effort to have a socially and environmentally conscious wedding will receive up to 15% off all services. Just let us know if that’s you and we’ll take note. It’s our way of saying thanks for making a thoughtful choice.

The two of us are passionate and committed to taking gorgeous photographs. No less important is our commitment to to our community and environment. We take this commitment further than the recycling bin by making small, socially responsible decisions on a daily basis. We recognize that these small choices, repeated many times over, are making a big difference.

  • We use solar panels to produce energy
  • We shoot mainly digital to prevent the use of harsh chemicals
  • We offer online proofing to reduce printed proof waste
  • We carbon offset our transportation, by plane and car
  • As often as possible, our promotional material is printed with vegetable based inks & no-VOC solvents on recycled paper
  • Paper used in our office is recycled, post-consumer waste
  • We use CFLs and LEDs in our work and play spaces
  • We recycle all paper, packaging, electronics, batteries, CDs & DVDs, and ink cartridges
  • We use rechargeable batteries
  • Our computer and printer are turned off while not in use
  • PVC free, vegan Leather is available for our Fine Art Book covers
  • To save paper our fotobooth emails photos instead of printing
  • We make every possible step towards using socially & environmentally conscious vendors (see below for listing)
  • We use recycled and recyclable packaging materials
  • We often donate our fotobooth to non profit events
  • All of this is an extension of our philosophy at home (where our office is located)


Eco-Friendly & Socially Responsible Vendor Listing

  • Finao Albums
  • Pro DPI
  • Rice Studio Supply