Karl & Nanette

About Us

Nanette and Karl met while attending art school in Michigan. After their backyard wedding they moved south and soon found themselves shooting weddings together. That’s the short story anyway. Weddings have taken them all over South Florida, back and forth across the United States, and even over to Europe! Needless to say they love what they do together and it shows in their photographs.

Something they place importance on at home and at work is respect for the environment and good social practices. Read about their efforts here.

Nanette Dorbeck


You can often find me trying a new recipe, eating said recipe, curled up with a book late at night, or teaching myself a song on the piano. This year I’d like to visit St. Augustine, read 15 great books, and keep a small garden alive.

Karl Rouwhorst


Besides loving what I do with the person I love, I am a pizza & coca-cola connoisseur. My favorite pizza place in SWFL is Gatsby’s Pizza in Bonita Springs. (Order the spicy pepperoni pizza.) The best coke can be found in a glass bottle and when it’s made with cane sugar and served ice cold! (Hard to find, but worth the extra effort.) When I’m not eating pizza and having a cold glass of coke I love taking Iso to the dog park.

Iso Aka Crazy Pup


Iso, affectionately known as crazy pup, is the waggly tailed yorkie rounding out our family of three. Her favorite things include tummy scratch sessions and dog bones at bedtime. She makes us smile each and every day!