When you live somewhere for years you think you know all the scenic spots your town has to offer, until one day you find a gem like this. After coming across this rope bridge the obvious thing to do was plan a photo shoot. And now we pretty much want to photograph Mark and Hannah all the time. Thanks to Dani Taverna for the pretty hair and makeup!

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  • Ashish - Lovely pictures. Great lighting and perfect framing. Loved all of them

  • Monica Garcia - We would love to post a blog about these engagement photos on our blog and of course give you credit. Is that possible? They are absolutely amazing and we would love to share them with our readers as well as showcase them on our website.

    Best regards,
    Monica Garcia
    Marketing Specialist for Happehatchee Eco Spiritual Center

  • Victoria Christophe - Love it! So beautiful!!


Here are a couple (seemingly) serene moments from Laura and Gardner’s wedding day. While photographing Laura and her bridesmaids, the sprinklers turned on and shrieks and screams ensued. Of course as soon as we moved the sprinklers followed us to our new spot! Hero that he is, Karl jumped in front of a sprinkler to save Laura’s gorgeous gown and readjusted the shot to capture the sunlit photo on the left. Hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving!

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