A neat aspect of our job as photographers is that we are in touch with couples from all over the country and even beyond our borders. In fact, most of our clients live nowhere near us. Sometimes we don’t have a chance to meet until the wedding day and all our communication leading up to it is by phone and email. Sometimes we’ve already met on a few occasions and come wedding day we’re there as friends rather than strangers. It’s wonderful when Karl and I have a chance to meet the bride and groom before the wedding day, like we did at Ali and Jimmy’s beachy engagement shoot.

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Karl and I get to photograph pretty flowers regularly, practically every weekend, but this was my first opportunity to watch a florist at work. And when a florist gets married, you know you’re in for a treat. Amanda brought buckets upon buckets of flowers with her to her wedding in Islamorada. While most of the decor was set by the wedding day, she saved her bouquet for last. To my surprise it was quite an organic process, and she made it up as she went along. There were peonies and starfish, baby pineapples and orchids, and the end results were just so pretty and fresh.

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