Argentina Phone Pics Part 1

Karl and I had an adventure last year. The sort of adventure that we had dreamed about for years. It began in college when I read a travel article in Domino magazine about Buenos Aires. Everything about the place seemed so appealing that Argentina stayed at the top of my travel list from then on. And then one day Karl gave me a wonderful gift. In disbelief I unwrapped the paper to find a map of the world and a little pushpin. A getaway to anywhere in the world… how exciting! While it took us a few days to toss ideas around, Buenos Aires held the number one spot.

It was last November, and as our wedding season began to wind down we took off for our South American getaway. Along with our friends Natalie, Jordan, and Karl’s sis Stephanie, we traveled between Buenos Aires and Iguazu Falls. We started off in BA for a few days then flew to the incomprehensible Iguazu Falls before heading back to BA to explore for the remainder of our stay. Being springtime there it was gorgeous almost every day. Most of our spanish came from a phone app, on which I accidentally played the phrase, “I’ve just been robbed” to a cab driver. (He laughed really hard.)

While this post is to give our friends and family an upadte, it’s also an amazing moment in our lives that we want to share with everyone. We met a few couples there on their honeymoons. If you’re considering a trip to the area we’re happy to relate more of our experience. While we did bring an SLR with us, those photos to come soon, photos from this post were taken with my iPhone using Shake It Photo.

This first photo is our goodbye with Iso at 3am before heading to the Miami airport. Karl gave her a little tummy rub, and we looked at that photo every day until we arrived home. We missed that pup!

argentina buenos aires travel photos

We arrived in Buenos Aires in the evening to see our driver Caesar holding a sign that read: welcome home (the name of our hotel.) I had read about Home in the aforementioned Domino article. It was more than we hoped for; a garden oasis in the middle of the city. The window seat in our room was filled with flowers and mint leaves and opened to a courtyard below. We ran around like we owned the place and the staff was so accommodating! Future hotel stays will forever be compared to this one. You should visit their awesome website.

home hotel buenos aires photos
home hotel buenos aires pool

We took two whole days trekking around Iguazu, on the borders of Argentina, Paraguay, and Brazil. I grew up not too far from Niagara Falls, and while they’re impressive, we all agreed that Iguazu Falls was beyond compare. The area has over 250 falls to hike around, above and below, as well as boat rides and an island for a close-up view. Karl and Steph even did a night time walk to see the moon rise over the falls. The racoon-like animals walking around are called coatis (pronounced koh-ah-tee.) There was even a toucan sighting!! I think the highlight for all of us was a visit to the Devil’s Throat, the scariest part of the falls. And the power boat ride, which we initially weren’t interested in, ended up being so FUN! It was one of those trips where everything was our new favorite. We stayed at a really cool B&B called the Secret Garden Iguazu. We could do no wrong with our lodging choices on this trip… meeting John and staying at his inviting B&B was an absolute pleasure. The dog pictured is Roxy, the resident pet. Iguazu is the kind of place we hope to visit in the future with our family.

secret garden B&B iguazu falls argentina

These lovely people are our friends Natalie and Jordan. They’re expecting their first baby later this year!! We can’t wait to meet baby Smith. The bottom photo is of Steph (or Stephanita as we call her) and me.

iguazu falls argentina photos

I took a cooking tour and class along with Jordan, Natalie, and a small group of travelers. We took a cab to the outside of the city where Teresita led us around to a market, butcher, bakery, and deli. Then we headed to her home for a lesson in making our own empanadas and a four course meal. Jordan, being a ceramicist, was quite the empanada-forming expert. There is nothing quite so enjoyable as good food, wine, and conversation. I think it was Natalie who found her class via Trip Advisor, and it is a must!

cooking with teresita class argentina buenos aires
cooking with teresita class argentina empanadas
cooking with teresita class dinner argentina

These colorful photos were taken in La Boca, a touristy part of town that we were advised to visit in the day. We bought a couple antiques here from an older woman who hugged and kissed us when we left.

la boca buenos aires argentina

Here we are visiting La Recoletta Cemetery, so beautiful and big it’s like a city in itself. Eva Perón (Evita) is buried here. The mausoleums fascinated us… some were shiny and new and still in use! And then some have fallen into disrepair and you can practically walk right down the cobwebbed staircases and touch a casket. Buenos Aires is called “the Paris of South America,” and walking around the neighborhood of Recoletta was what reminded me of Paris.

recoletta cemetery buenos aires photos
recoletta buenos aires cemetery photos

The grill below was one of our many experiences at a parilla serving up delicious grilled meats. Jordy and Karl are eating choripan: sausage on bread with chimichurri sauce.

buenos aires travel choripan photos

Jordan knows a friend of a friend living just outside of BsAs. Luis and Cristina had us over for an all-day-super-delicious feast! It was particularly nice of them considering none of us speak the same language. Luckily their friend Brenda was there to translate for us all!

buenos aires travel photos

I’ll post part two soon for more about Home Hotel, the miles of fantastic antique shops, and some great shopping and food.

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